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About The Brand

Gelso Milano’s creations are bespoke jewels that enhance beauty and stimulate the senses, becoming the means to let one’s personality explode and start daring.

Silk production is what most characterizes us, ranging from clothing to bedding.
The art of Italian craftsmanship ensures impeccable fit and quality for our products.

The idea

Gelso Milano was born in Italy and is founded on the cornerstones of Made in Italy: quality materials and refined craftsmanship. Our goal is to transmit, through our creations, our passion for silk.

We produce silk clothing, accessories and bedding with a production process carefully designed to honor the Italian sartorial tradition. We strive for excellence in our products in order to fully satisfy our customers’ desires.

Our creations

With the heritage of our Italian artisans, we create a product that boasts impeccable fit and quality. Ours is a tradition that has been passed down for entire generations, and our heritage is one of our strengths in creating and developing products. The secret of the cutting techniques used is passed down through the family and is applied by hand for each individual piece.

We use the finest 100% 19-22 momme silk for our products, ensuring superior quality with the best combination of strength and style. We pass on the tradition of Made in Italy to our customers through the high quality of materials, the passion of our craftsmen, and a great attention to detail that we give to each our product.

The name Gelso draws inspiration from the magnificent plant with the same name, emphasizing its special contribution to the production of silk, the most precious fabric in the world.

Benefits of silk


Lose yourself in a dreamy and cuddling sleep…

Soft, smooth and extremely cozy, silk is a natural temperature regulator.
It keeps the correct level of heating in your body giving you
an overwhelming sense of comfort.


Get a rejuvenating sleep in a silky atmosphere…

Anti-aging weapon and beauty secret, silk perfectly adapts to your body letting your skin breathe, reducing and preventing wrinkles thanks to its proteins and amino acids. It minimizes extra irritation on face maintaining it moisturized and soft.


Let your hair shine with a perfect delicate touch…

Gentle on your hair, silk helps to keep it smooth and healthy, acting against hair breakage and split ends. Unlike cotton, that draws moisture from your hair drying it out, silk allows your hairstyle to last overnight avoiding bedhead and frizzy hair when you wake up in the morning.

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